Who is Pink Wings of Hope?

On October 11, 2009, four St. Louisan women founded a breast cancer support group called Pink Wings of Hope. Its mission is to provide support for all deaf and hard of hearing breast cancer survivors and those in ongoing treatments. Not only does Pink Wings of Hope provide support for breast cancer survivors, they also provide support for any other types of cancers .

What is the support group called Pink Wings of Hope?

The cocoon represents ugly thing like cancer, radiation, chemotherapy, etc. The butterfly starts out as a cocoon. When the butterfly breaks free from the cocoon, it becomes beautiful and flies freely.


Why did Pink Wings of Hope select the butterfly as a symbol?

Butterflies cannot hear, but they can feel vibration and they have an excellent sense of smell. Deaf and hard of hearing people are just like butterflies with no hearing and they are sensitive to vibrations as well.

Founding Members: Annette, Sandra, Pam and Janet

...and their story.
Where are we located?

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